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Submersible Column Pipe

Submersible Column Pipe

Submersible Column Pipe

TEXMO Pipes is the pioneer to design, develop and market UPVC Column Pipe that are being successfully used in the erection of submersible borewell pump set Up to Depth of 290 mtr. More thatn 400,000 successful installation have taken place across the India. TEXMO has a wire locking system of the pipe and coupler assembly, in which a wire is wound between the coupler and pipe to ensure that during installation and removal of pumps the joint does not open up, resulting in column slipping.

Strong and durableTEXMO Submersible column pipe is strong and can bear the max load.
Better Flow CharacteristicTEXMO Submersible column pipe have smooth internal surface and it is rust proof, corrosion free, and do not allow any deposit formation which implies better flow.
Resistant to1) Corrosion 2) Rusting 3) Chemical 4) Scale formation. 5) Biological Formation.
SafeThe water flow through these pipes is safe for driking purpose, no Contamination is there.
Energy SavingTEXMO Submersible column have smooth internal surface which implies low friction loss. Hence power consumption is on lower side.
Long Lasting and Maintenance FreeTEXMO Submersible column is free from breakage and environmental stress, which makes it a life time investment.
EconomicalTEXMO Submersible column pipe are very economical. Reasonably priced, long lasting and maintenance free.
Easy to InstallTEXMO Submersible column pipe is very easy to install.

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