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PVC Elastomeric Pipe

PVC Elastomeric Pipe

PVC Elastomeric Pipe

TEXMO Elastromeric Sealing Ringfit Pipes are manufactured under strict quality control with latest technology conforming to IS-4985 / 2000 specifications, Rubber ring joint as per ISO 4422 OR DIN 8062.TEXMO Elastromeric Sealing Ringfit pipes are best preferred for supply of water for rural urban water supply schemes and for irrigation and water supply schemes in hilly areas where temperature is very low and even in desert areas where the temperature is at its maximum. TEXMO Elastromeric Sealing Ringfit pipes have been preferred over other available resources due to varied salients features.

Strong and durableTEXMO Elastometric Pipes are strong, unaffected by weather conditions and resistant to corroding factors.
Light weightAre light weight , hence easy to handle, transport and install.
Convenient JoiningAre easy to Join.
Better Flow CharacteristicHave smoother bore in comparison to AC and GI pipes which ensures a better flow.
Energy SavingHave smooth internal surface which implies low frictional loss. Hence power consumption is on lower side.
Leak ProofCompletely leakhe proof.
Resistant to1) Rusting 2) Chemical action 3) Weathering 4) Scale formation
Odorless and HygienicAre free from chemical formation scale formation, so there is no fear of contamination.
SafeHave self extinguishing quality so there is no need of fire resistant coating.
Long Lasting Maintenance FreeAre free from weakness caused by chemicals, rust etc. So last longer and require minimum maintenance.
Rubber RingThe rubber ring is termite resistant pipe line is easily shiftable due to rubber ring joint.

DomesticSupply of potable water in houses and residential buildings.
AgriculturalSupply of water for irrgation of crops.
OtherSupply of water for irrigation consumption in hilly areas where temperature is very low and even in desert area where temperature is at its maximum.
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