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TEXMO CPVC Plumbing Pipes Fittings are mnaufactured under strict quality control with latest technology conforming to ASTM-D-2846 specification. Pipes are produced in SDR 11 13.5 and fittings are produced in SDR11 specifications. No longer does anybody have to live with primitive metal-based plumbing systems having limited life and many inherent disadvantages. Now we are presenting TEXMO CPVC Plumbing System. Repairing/Remodeling and old building or developing a new complex, TEXMO CPVC Plumbing System is 'The Right Choice' over Copper, Galvanized Iron (GI) or any other Alternative Plastic System. TEXMO CPVC pipes are safe, uniterrupted and effective transportation of water and other fluids for home or industrial consumption. It is effectively used for conveyance of cold water hot water of 100°F resulting no change in the physical condition of the pipes.

Strong and durableTEXMO CPVC Pipes are strong and breakage free.
Better Flow CharacteristicHave smooth internal surface. Also, these pipes are rust proof, corrosion free and do not allow any deposit formation which implies better flow.
Resistant to(1) Corrosion Rusting (2) Chemcial Formation (3) Scale Formation (4) Biological Formation.
SafeAre fire resistant and have good electric insulation.
Energy SavingHave smooth internal Surface which implies low frictional loss. Hence power consumption is on lower side.
Long Lasting Maintenance FreeAre free from breakage and environmental stress, which make it a lifetime investment.
EconomicalAre very economical as reasonably priced, long lasting and maintenance free.

CPVC Fittings
 TEXMO CPVC fitting are injection moulded and are available in full range from :-
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