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Conduit Pipes

Conduit Pipes

Conduit Pipes

TEXMO Electrical Conduits are manufactured under strict quality control with latest technology conforming to IS-9537 (Part 3) specifications. TEXMO Electrical Conduits are best preferred for open and concealed wiring in houses, residental and commercial bulidings, industries, traffic signal, street light etc. TEXMO Electrical Conduits have been preferred over other avaible resources due to varied salient features.

Strong and durableTEXMO electrical conduits are strong and unaffected by weather conditions.
Light weight and FlexibleAre easy to handle and install due to light weight and flexibility.
Convenient JoiningAre easy to Join.
Resistant to1) Rusting 2) Wear and abrasion 3) Water
SafeAre fire resistant and have good electric insulation.
Excellent SurfaceHave smooth internal and external surface.
Cost SavingAre economical
Temperature StableCan cope with widely fluctuating temperatures (-20° C to + 60° C) thus are resistant to extreme weather conditions and UV stabilized.
Smoke SuppressingAre manufactured from special PVC resin, which ensure little or no release of smoke/toxic fumes in the event of fire.
Maintenance FreeAre unaffected by weather conditions and resistant to abrasion, hence maintenance required is minimum.

DomesticOpen and concealed wiring in houses, residential and commercial buildings.
IndustrialOpen and concealed wiring in plants.
OtherTraffic signal connections, street light wiring at public places.
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